Alloy Brass


From our original home page:

 We are a quintet based in Minneapolis, Minnesota dedicated to the enjoyment of brass music.  Our instrumentation consists of two trumpets, French horn, euphonium and tuba.  We play original compositions and transcriptions from all genres.  Our members have different musical backgrounds, hence the name "Alloy": a blending of metals.

Being a philharmonic group, we are always looking for new music to try.  If you're a composer or arranger, please contact us.  

We have posted sound files, so give us a listen!

Thanks for visiting.

Alloy Brass began in 2005.  Two of us subbed for a one-off gig in the East Metro and had such a good time that we decided to start our own group closer to home.  Rehearsals began in my living room and we went through a few players until we found a group that was comfortable together.


At first we met every other week, but soon found that we all desired to meet every week to keep our edge.  We settled on Thursday evenings, from nine until 11:00 p.m. This was the only time that didnít conflict with other rehearsals, lesson schedules, gigs, etc.


Once we began the weekly meetings, our rehearsal space needed attention.  I worked at a retail store and we were able to use that space since our meetings were after hours.  The sound was surprisingly very good. 


We enlisted a coach for a few meetings to conduct us and give us pointers on balance.  It gave us an important push in playing like an ensemble.


We played a couple of weddings, a Christmas concert with another group, and a private party as well as a few church services. 


My job changed and I lost access to the store, but one of the players was a teacher at a local music school and we were able to use that space.  The sound and lighting wasnít as nice, but it kept us together.


After a few years using the school, the player with the keys found it necessary to move on.  So we found ourselves without an important player as well as no rehearsal space.


We cobbled together a few meetings in another playerís home with substitute players to cover our missing member, but were unable to find that magic blend.


So with regret we found ourselves on a forced hiatus, and the group has drifted apart.


I've since moved to central New York and am looking to form a new group.  If you are a brass player in the Madison, NY area interested in studying the brass quintet repertoire and perhaps playing a few paid and unpaid gigs along the way, drop me a line and letís talk.




Scott Lewis